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Richard Alexis Georgian's book is both very well researched and rewarding to read. By shining the light on his own family, he has helped to enlighten legions of readers (and Circus Historians) who otherwise may never have learned about the culture both of American tent shows in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and the Cossack riders who performed in them.
The Stuart Thayer Prize Committee
Maureen Brunsdale, Special Collections & Rare Books Librarian, Milner Library, Illinois State University, Normal, IL

35 Wild West Shows and Circus histories revealed.

Adam Forepaugh circus 1893
Adam Forepaugh-Sells Bros. Circus 1903
Arlington & Beckmann’s Oklahoma Ranch Wild West 1913
Arlington Chandler W. W.(Argentina) 1914
Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth 1894
Buckskin’s Wild West 1902 & 1904
Bud Atkinson American Circus (Australia) 1912
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West 1892-1908
Buffalo Bill’s and Pawnee Bill’s W. W. 1909-1913
Buffalo Bill & 101 Ranch Wild West 1916
California Frank’s All Star Wild West 1911
Campbell Bros’ Consolidated Shows 1904-1912
Cole Younger & Frank James Wild West 1903
W.H. Coulter’s Famous Railroad Shows and
Indian Pete’s Wild West 1911
Indian Bill’s Historic Wild West 1903
Irwin Bros. Cheyenne Frontier Days 1913-1914
I.X.L. Circus (Argentina) 1909

John Robinson Tem Big Combination 1910-1911
Jones Bros. Buffalo Ranch W.W. 1910
Kit Carson’s Buffalo Ranch W.W. 1911-1914
Luella Forepaugh-Fish Wild West 1903
MacCaddon’s Great International Show 1905
Miller Bros. 101 Ranch 1908-1910
Miller Bros. & Arlington’s 101 Ranch 1911-1915
Miller Bros. 101 Ranch (London) 1914
The Great Norris and Rowe Show 1909
Pawnee Bills’ Wild West 1900-1908
Prairie Joe’s W. W. & Skerbeck’s Railroad show 1911
Ringling Bros. World Greatest Shows 1912-1916
Tompkins Wild West 1913
Wyoming Bill’s Historical Wild West 1913
Young Buffalo Wild West 1910-1911
Young Buffalo W.W. & Col. Cummins Far East 1912
Young Buffalo W.W. & Seavers Hippodrome &
Fred Cummins Far East 1913
Young Buffalo W.W. and Cheyenne Days 1914

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You are entering the fascinating world of American Wild West Tent Shows from 1892 to 1917; a history of over thirty different tent shows as seen from the view of Georgian men and women, who rode under the title of "Russian Cossacks" a depiction that they felt was a curse.

My research for Cossacks, Indians and Buffalo Bill is more extensive than can be covered in a single volume. The resources section contains valuable additional information. There is a dictionary of tent show terms from the period, a list of the show routes across the United States and Europe, and all the known Georgian men and women, Indians and others lost to history. For the circus enthusiasts, you will discover scarcely seen documents.

I have extensive historical records supporting Cossacks, Indians and Buffalo Bill that you may request by contacting me.

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